Food Safety Systems and Services

Prairie Food Safety strives to be the most responsive food safety and related service provider for food processors in Manitoba. Combining a personable, professional approach with a strong technical and business background, we work hard to understand your food safety needs and provide custom solutions – all with an eye to protecting your bottom line.

We’re based in Winnipeg and serve companies full-time throughout the province.

While we specialize in writing and implementing HACCP food safety systems, our capabilities also include assistance with other food safety and quality control projects such as:

    • Staff Training
    • System Maintenance and Advice
    • Hazard Analysis
    • Best Practices Research
    • Special Projects
    • Technical Consulting


HACCP Food Safety Systems: Our commitment is to provide food safety systems that are customized to our customer’s needs and that respect their business realities. We are trained in Manitoba HACCP Advantage, Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) HACCP, and the Food Safety Enhancement Program (FSEP) and we specialize in serving small to medium sized enterprises.

Staff Training: Training is a key component of a successful food safety program. Prairie Food Safety can assist you in developing and implementing a training program to keep your HACCP system on track. We have extensive experience training adult learners of diverse cultural and educational backgrounds.

Hazard Analysis: A hazard is unacceptable biological, chemical, or physical contamination that can cause a food to be unsafe. Identifying hazards is the first step in their control or elimination. Using our technical expertise, Prairie Food Safety can assist in identifying and controlling any hazards present in your facility.

Microbiological and Allergen Sampling Plans: Prairie Food Safety can design and implement a sampling plan customized to your business. Examples include measuring the effectiveness of your sanitation program or surveying for possible contamination by allergens or microbes in your product or plant.

Best Practices Research: When developing new products or procedures, it is often difficult to determine industry best practices in areas such as shelf life measurement. Prairie Food Safety can help by researching the available literature and providing unbiased recommendations for developing your processes.

Special Projects: Do you have short-term projects requiring technical or business expertise? Prairie Food Safety can bring to bear over 20 years of experience to ensure your short-term projects are completed within scope and on time.

Technical Consulting: Having trouble interpreting the technical claims of vendors or specialized food science literature? Unsure on how to evaluate or implement new technologies? We can help by cutting through the jargon and providing clear explanations and objective recommendations with respect to the science and technology side of your food safety needs.

Contact us to learn how Prairie Food Safety can address your needs and assist your company’s commitment to produce safe and wholesome food.