Below is a sample of the services I provide. Feel free to contact me any time to discuss how i can assist with your food safety needs.

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HACCP Systems / Preventative Control Plans

My commitment is to provide written food safety systems that are customized to my customer’s needs and that respect their business realities. I’ve created many programs based on a variety of food safety standards and will write a program based on your specific requirements.


Training is a key component of a successful food safety program. I can assist you in developing and implementing a training program to keep your HACCP system on track. I have extensive experience training adult learners of diverse cultural and educational backgrounds.

Auditing / Gap Analysis

I can provide an independent audit of your facility to satisfy your food safety program requirements or to simply provide feedback on the status of your food safety systems.


Temporary Staffing

Unexpected staffing issues? I can maintain your food safety program while you search for a replacement Quality Assurance Manager or HACCP Coordinator.

Sanitation Plans / Microbiological Testing / CCP Validation

I can assist in developing and implementing the more technically demanding components of your food safety program to ensure requirements are met as efficiently and cost-effective as possible.

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Best Practices Research

When developing new products or procedures, it is often difficult to determine industry best practices. I can help by researching the available literature and providing unbiased recommendations for establishing your processes.