SFCR License Deadline is January 15, 2019 – Get your Questions in Soon

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Canadian food processors and distributors that require a license under Canada’s new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) have until January 15, 2019 to submit their online application through My CFIA.

On November 8 I contacted the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) with two questions regarding licensing and somewhat to my chagrin I found that 1) the CFIA representative was not able to answer my questions over the telephone and requested the questions be submitted through their Feedback Form.  And, 2) it took 1 week and 2.5 weeks respectively to receive a written response to my questions. Indeed after submitting the questions online, the automated e-mail response said, “Please note that while many enquiries may be answered within 3 business days, complex enquiries may take 18 business days or more for the provision of a response”. In my opinion, neither of my questions were particularly complex.

Regardless, the CFIA representative was certainly professional and I have no doubt they are doing the best they can but this is just a warning that if you have questions you plan on submitting to the CFIA regarding licensing under the SFCR, it’s best you do so as soon as possible as if you do need to submit the question in writing it may take considerable time to receive a reply – a wait time that will no doubt get longer as the January 15 deadline gets closer.